The Division: One Best of the Best Games to Try

The long awaited Tom Clancy’s The Division has been released and it quite makes noise in the gaming world. Announced at the Ubisoft’sE3 in 2013, The Division has finally been previously released on March 8, 2016, bringing excitement to every third-person shooting game addicts. It was developed and published by the prominent game developer Ubisoft, with the support from Red Storm Entertainment. To share the fantastic game, The Division is made available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 platforms.

The Gameplay

The Division is set in mid-crisis Manhattan, which is an open world dominated by destructive and dangerous environments and is available for players for exploring. The mission is to regain order in place by implementing the investigation of the source that has created the virus. The Division’s gameplay can be compared to other third-person shooting games, where the player’s character is capable of carrying multiple weapons, and also explosives such as sticky bombs and mines to annihilate the enemies. Objects are available as covers for the players during firefights to avoid receiving damages caused by the enemies.

With progression in the game, the players can earn points in the experience and currency. Currency can utilize in purchasing gears and weapons and the points can be used in learning new skills. The gears will have five levels which are the common, good, rare, superior and high-end. Each gear will have their respective colors. The gears can be bought or acquired as loot in the game. Ubisoft has released four gear sets that are available, these are the paramedic, firefighter, police and hunter gear sets.

The Missions

What is involved in the storyline missions is that the objectives have relevance to the respective wing inside the game’s “Base of Operations” which will be considered as the player’s home base. The so-called wings are the Medical, Security, and Tech wing. Played missions on a wing will grant points to the player for that specific wing which can be used to gain an access to the new talents, skills, and also perks and Base of Operations’ facilities.

At some certain progression points, intel videos can be received by the player from each wing head. The intels will be specifically relevant from its origin. The Medical wing intel is for the outbreak’s virus reports, the Security wing intel are for insight for every enemy faction in the game, and the Tech wing intel provides camera footage for each in-game turning points.

Outstanding Secrets of the Mobile Strike Guide

Outstanding Secrets of the Mobile Strike Guide

It is typical to consult with the hacks and cheats that we often found in the various websites. Entering the username or e-mail to generate the online browser, entering the amount of gold and processing your hack are the common services offered by the hack and cheat developers. Expect the drawbacks of using multiple codes or linking your app with these hacks such as the game automatically shutdown, the operating system of the phone slow down or the app is not functioning well. One more thing, your username is not secured because it is inputted to the generator.

A new way of supporting your Mobile Strike gameplay is to read the published book and e-book by the guru, titled Mobile Strike Guide. He had shared his significant experiences and tactics in playing the Mobile Strike game as well as execute the game in a different way than the conventional hack and cheat consoles. The book emphasizes various strategies on how to conquer triumph and defeat the opponents. It assist the player regarding the analytics, weapons, vehicles, armors and troops on how to enhance these factors. The main objectives of the guide is to:

  • Understand and apply strategies that will assist you to increase your alliance and trained them to become strong.
  • The guide will teach you on how to spend and allocate your Mobile Strike Gold, supplies and resources practically.
  • Free and unlimited gold can be acquired using hack and cheats. Mr. Hess have already assessed 8 legit sites and shared his reviews regarding hacks and cheats.
  • The survival mode is also mentioned in the book whereas it teaches the potential players on how to thrive without the existence of gold.
  • The book serves as a tutorial from beginning to end of the Mobile Strike game.
  • It discusses about the defense and attack strategies on how to stay longer during the war.

Moreover, the book cites some scenarios on what to do in a particular situation if the player happens to experience unusual situations while playing the Mobile Strike game. Fortunately, the book is offered from the internet as e-book for free but limited only to 50 copies per day. Many players have already read this book because no other sites can provide them with complete guidelines on how to play the Mobile Strike Game. It can only be found in the book of Mr. Hess.

Getting to Know About Ahnlab V3 Mobile Security

Getting to Know About Ahnlab V3 Mobile Security

Your device and applications need Meilleur Antivirus Android for protection so that you will be able to enjoy the privileges of using your smartphone or tablet. Trust your Android antivirus to have a worry-free entertainment and utility advantages. The no. 1 Malware detector and remover in the market today is the AhnLab V3 Mobile Security. What makes this app so reliable and efficient in terms of its anti-virus features?

Antivirus Product Information and Specifications

The Ahnlab Inc. had devised a solution to provide an optimum security for your Smartphone, tablets and privacy by running Meilleur Antivirus Android. The app developer has earned 20 years of experience in inventing apps and improving these Free antivirus android for more effective utility tool solutions. It contains 6.26 MB size, rated for 3+, supports the Android Marshmallow version and fixes bugs. It is offered as the best free antivirus android and also through in-app purchases ranging from $1.05 up to $12.62 per item. If you’re planning to deal with the Ahnlab Premium app, a 10-day trial is given to you for its first use.

Pros and Cons of Ahnlab V3

It is user-friendly, features anti-malware, anti-theft and privacy protections to prevent unauthorized access from the third parties. It has the capacity to detect, disable, block and remove malicious and fraudulent apps. It is programmed with an incredible one-touch security scanner and it can scan your URLs. Moreover, it provides services including call block, privacy cleaning, prevent app installations from unknown sources and it has a default permission before downloading an app or visiting a website. In addition, it helps you to clear your history without any trace, clipboard, cache data and browser connections. The app lock restricts the unauthorized person to see your gallery and use other apps.

What’s great with this Meilleur Antivirus Android from the rest of the typical antivirus is its ability to command restrictions and deletion even if the phone is already lost or stolen. You can still be able to set your phone or tablet’s sound alarm, track the device location, erase the data, reset the device, lock the device, notify the user of the device especially when the SIM card is replaced or remove. Only the registered and trusted number verified by the app can access the phone or tablet in case of theft or lost.

Furthermore, this antivirus android does not slow down the operating system of your phone or tablet and it does not affect the battery life. Consistent notifications in installing new apps from Google Play Store and access of the third parties can be detected through the optimization of AhnLab V3. Enjoy safe browsing, download free antivirus for android and surf on various web pages with the assistance of AhnLab V3.

Customer Feedback and the Developer

The Ahnlab V3 Mobile Security gained an overall 4.4 out of 5 ratings based on 1,407 customer reviews on the Android Play Store history. You may reach the developer through their e-mail at for any concerns regarding the tool. You can locate their company at their given address which is 220 Pangyoyeok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 463-400, Korea. Download this best android antivirus and be surprised of its performance.

Updated Cheat Engine for Hungry Shark Evolution

Updated Cheat Engine for Hungry Shark Evolution

You may notice that some of the sites about Hungry Shark cheats are no longer available on the internet or they are not functioning well. These sites are already phase out and as a player, you should try the trending online cheat generators and downloads for the 2016 version. The developers have improved and fixed the bugs on these cheats for a more enjoyable and exciting gameplay. Moreover, they also added extra features to support your Hungry Shark Evolution. To give you some information here is one of the cheat generators that might help you with your game.

Try Trucchi Hungry Shark for your Hungry Shark game convenience

If you’re thinking how to gather many coins and gems to dispense and acquire various shark collections, you should download this Hungry Shark Evolution Hack launcher tool. It is available in three extension name files including exe, apk and ios. This Hungry Shark Cheats have 495,122 downloads in total and recently updated this 2016. It is disseminated over multiple times at google plus with 757 shares and Facebook with 408 shares. The features of the game are essential for evolving your sharks up to the 10th level and becoming rich with infinite gems and coins.

  • It can unlock everything including the new version of sharks, new levels and maps.
  • You can have unlimited gems.
  • You will enjoy infinite coins.
  • The Hungry Shark Evolution Trucchi is compatible for all platforms such as Android and iOS.
  • Also works on the Windows and Mac platforms.
  • No need for the jailbreak and root requirement.
  • In addition, it can boost the energy of all your sharks.

Invigorate your sharks’ energy and eliminate the enemies on your way such as the submarines, fish and shark opponents using the Trucchi Hungry Shark Evolution. Eat anything that passes in front of your lead shark with your killer shark bites. Have a suspenseful, aquatic adventure and action through the Hungry Shark Evolution game!

Love For Retro, And Why It Never Ends

Love For Retro, And Why It Never Ends

Retro gaming is an amazing part of the modern day gaming culture. While our games today may be multi-dollar love affairs between some of the most eccentric gaming designs and years of innovation in graphic technology, there’s just something holding those old school 90(s) video games that keep making us come back to them time and again. If you were a 90(s) kid, then there’s a 100% probability that you vividly remember the times when you took hold of a Sega or Nintendo pad and threw countless hours of your childhood to the wind. These are images that define what being a child meant back in the glorious 1990(s).

As time progressed, so have our games. They have now evolved into massive adventures of unfathomable scope. But for some, the ingenuity and sincerity that the old, blocky and pixilated offerings of devices like the Sega Genesis still rivals, and sometimes even outclasses, their more modern descendants. Be it Mario, Mega Man, Final Fantasy or Super Metroid, there was always a connection between these games and the players that bore the sweetest success when victory would be achieved after painstakingly memorizing hundreds of attack patterns, hidden routes and whatnot. After all, this was the age before the internet. The only way to ensure victory was through the sweat of one’s brow and endless days of trial & error. In the end, the reward was all that mattered as human intuition overcame all digital obstacles. This is not something that can be said for the majority of more modern games, where players are practically coddled and led by the hand, without any room for failure and experimentation on their part. The old, retro games of 90(s) did not have the graphical prowess of today’s games, but they had soul. And that is precisely the reason why the retro gaming industry is always going to relevant and always be, arguably, the best thing about gaming itself.

Gossiping About EA Sports Fifa 15

Gossiping About EA Sports Fifa 15

One of the most popular video games in Germany is FIFA 15. People in this country are devoted to sports and actively participate in any activities relating to ice hockey, football, handball, and basketball. The FIFA is a video game that becomes famous in Germany because of its linked as to the world of football sports. Since the Germans love the football sport so much, they even played it virtually through FIFA 5. It was officially released in the UK and Ireland on September 26, 2014, in Europe on September 25, 2014, and in North America on September 23, 2014. Most people who are devoted to sports or loves football can play this game and be amazed by its true-to-life based scenarios.

Game Specifications and Other Technical Information

Developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports, FIFA 15 features a professional team of football players that will be competing in various Premiere League Stadiums. The new concepts of the game revolve around the 20 officially released stadiums, the user can loan a temporary player in case of an emergency, efficient access to their game database and the user can create his preferred team. The FIFA 15 video game is available on the platforms Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The game can be played in a single mode and multi-player mode.

Game Significant Features

Lionel Messi in Fifa 15The main protagonist of the game is Lionel Messi, who acts as the leader of the team. It is the first ever game in FIFA series that is licensed and certified by Premiere League. It was also developed using the gaming frameworks Ignite and Impact Engines for a better graphic resolution, audio system and operating system performance. Engaging yourself in this virtual video game portrays the real-life situation when playing this type of sports activity. In addition, you will be entertained by the various 41 licensed stadiums, 35 licensed leagues, almost 16,000 players and more or less 600 clubs. You will be able to understand the virtue and privilege of playing the football.

System Requirements of Fifa 15

Have an experience in playing this game with compatible system requirements in your PC or other gaming consoles. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) motherboard should be installed with Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz or an AMD Phenom 7950 Quad Core or the AMD Athlon II x4 620 or its equivalent. The Random Access Memory (RAM) should have a capacity of 4 Gigabytes. The recommended video card must be AMD Radeon HD 5770 or the NVIDIA GeForce FTX 650 for a smooth and efficient gameplay. There must be a free disk space of at least 13 Gigabytes and can be run through Windows Vista, 8.1, 8 or 7 operating systems having a 64-bit graphic resolution.


The stunning quality graphics, concepts and operating system of this game had earned remarkable ratings from the popular rating sites such as 9.25 out of 10 from Game Informer, 8.3 out of 10 from IGN and 8 out of 10 from Game Spot. This is truly an awesome virtual play, so hurry up and tries this game now!

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